Bad day for Colorado energy users

December 9, 2010 by Amy
Filed under: HB 1365 

It’s a bad day for Colorado energy users, and that’s pretty much everyone.  The ethically-challenged Public Utilities Commission just gave a final thumbs up to Xcel’s fuel switching plan as mandated by HB 1365. (See all previous posts from my colleague William Yeatman)

Losers in this deal include consumers who will see their utilities costs go up. Of course the negative impact won’t just be felt at home but also on Coloradans’ total cost of living because businesses will have to raise their prices to cover their increased energy costs.

Also, the natural gas industry ultimately will be one of the biggest losers. Make no mistake.  This is not about cleaner burning natural gas, the real goal is to switch to renewable energy — expensive, unreliable renewable energy. The precedence for fuel switching has been set.  We are just one more legislative “fix” away from ridding Colorado of fossil fuel fired plants and replacing them with thousands of acres of windmills.  That’s assuming that the evangelical environmentalists don’t force us into energy rationing.

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