2010 Ozone Data: More Evidence That CDPHE Is Cooking the Books

December 12, 2010 by williamyeatman
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Twice I’ve provided evidence that the Colorado Department of Public Health and Energy (CDPHE) has inflated projections of ozone ambient air concentrations (see here and here).

Those were critiques of ozone projections. This year is the first year that we have a data set against which to judge the accuracy of CDPHE ozone modeling during the New Energy Economy era. Unfortunately for Coloradans, the results are even worse than I’d feared. See for yourself:

2010 Ozone Air Concentrations: CDPHE vs. Reality
Monitoring Station

CDPHE Projections (Ozone ppb)

Actual Projections (Ozone ppb)




S. Boulder Creek



Chatfield State Park









Rocky Flats North






Fort Collins West



Greely-Weld Tower



It’s difficult to overstate the magnitude of these exaggerations, which range from 2ppb to almost 10 ppb. For comparison, consider that the PUC last week authorized $1.3+ billion worth of ozone pollution controls that are projected to reduce ozone air concentrations less than 1 ppb by 2020.

This is what happens when civil service agencies become politicized. Colorado’s supposedly worsening ozone status was a major impetus for the Clean Air Clean Jobs Act, which, in turn, was the centerpiece of Governor Bill Ritter’s political agenda—namely, to advance the climate change mitigation goals as part of his New Energy Economy.

William Yeatman is an energy policy analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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One Comment on 2010 Ozone Data: More Evidence That CDPHE Is Cooking the Books

  1. Lana Csizmadi on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 9:00 pm
  2. Mr. Yeatman,
    I live in Greeley, Colorado, Weld County. For years I have used the weather channel to find what the forecast for Greeley is and I have noticed over the last year or more that the ozone level for this area has been GOOD.
    Yes, I am enraged that emission testing is starting here. Many Weld county residents cannot afford to buy new cars or to spend $700 required to bring their older cars up to new car standards.
    Our local representative, Jim Reisberg, was cold as a fish when I asked him about being in favor of it at one of the debates he had with Bob Boswell. Reiserg is suppose to represent a few people here in Greeley, but he’s for bigger money in Denver. Its outrageous!
    I had felt Mr. Boswell would win the election. Afterwards when I asked him what went wrong he told me he couldn’t fight Reisberg’s $400,000 war-chest. Where were the Republican’s and the right when Mr. Boswell needed them? The Democrat’s are so dug-in and entrenched with their 527’s and George Soros money it will take an exterminator to be rid of them. Or worse, the collapse of Democracy altogether.
    I would also like to predict that you will see many in this area fraudulently violating this new law while many of us that follow the rules, buy insurance and the rest, pay as usual.
    The left will win if they are allowed to bleed the public dry with taxation, regulation, and fees.