News Flash: Xcel opposes new pro-consumer legislation

April 14, 2011 by Amy
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This is an update to our last post explaining how Xcel Energy has its way with the General Assembly.  Xcel’s lobbying firm 5280 Strategies just updated the utility monopoly’s position on three bills mentioned in the previous post. Those positions were not available until after I published my piece yesterday.  While I could have guessed Xcel’s position, I didn’t want to state it publicly until I had definitive proof.

  • HB 1291, Speaker Frank McNulty’s and Senate Majority Leader John Morse’s costly State Implementation Plan (SIP): SUPPORT
  • SB 236, Senator Lois Tochtrop’s bill to disapprove of the current costly SIP and replace it a less costly alternative plan: OPPOSE
  • SB 237, Senator Kevin Lundberg’s bill to save ratepayers’ money by disallowing the inclusion of two coal-fired plants on the Western Slope: OPPOSE

Furthermore, Senator Rollie Heath (D-Boulder), who as Chairman of Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs has killed other Xcel-opposed legislation, asked that the hearing for HB 1291 originally scheduled for Monday, April 25 at 1:30 p.m. be moved up to Tuesday, April 19 upon adjournment. Couple of points about this move, first it doesn’t allow as much time for opposition to organize. Two, originally all three SIP related bills were to be heard together on April 25. By moving up the hearing for HB 1291 and assuming it passes, that would make the other bills irrelevant.

The General Assembly is playing upon Coloradans’ justifiable fear of the federal government. But in the case of the SIP, Coloradans should fear Xcel Energy and the General Assembly more because neither is concerned about the cost to ratepayers.

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