Roll back Colorado’s renewable energy mandate?

February 16, 2012 by Amy
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Just around dinner time last night the House Transportation Committee, chaired by Weld County GOP Rep Glenn Vaad, moved HB 1121 (detailed here) out of committee on a 10-3 vote and to the whole House for a floor debate on Colorado’s renewable energy mandate.

Rep. Ray Scott’s (R-Grand Junction) Ratepayer Bill of Rights, dubbed “RayBOR” by Rep Robert Ramirez (R-Westminster), was amended by the committee and became a bill allowing the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) the discretion to roll back Colorado’s 30 percent renewable energy mandate if the PUC determines that the cost would be detrimental to ratepayers.

Several interesting points from last night’s committee hearing:

  • Three Democrats voted with Republicans to move the bill out of committee including Dave Young Greeley), Angela Williams (Denver), and Matt Jones (Louisville).
  • Even though he voted against moving the bill out of committee, Democrat Randy Fischer (Fort Collins) made a point of saying the renewable energy mandate is worthy of a floor debate.
  • Despite testimony directly contradicting him, Democrat Max Tyler continues his renewable fantasy that the 30 percent mandate only costs ratepayers 2 percent.

The floor debate on RayBOR will be spirited. Because it doesn’t force the roll back of the renewable mandate but rather provides more discretion for the PUC, I think it has a good chance of moving out of the House and to the Senate.

Full disclosure: I testified on behalf of the Ratepayers Bill of Rights and will have my testimony posted shortly.

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